5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dog House in UAE

 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dog House in UAE

Most of the dog owners prefer to have a dog house for their beloved pets. Giving them the utmost comfort and well-being with all the amenities is their first priority. While some people are experts in making the dog house on their own, some would prefer to buy dog houses online or from the pet house stores.

There are many pet house shops where you can get the house for your dog that is eventually good, while sometimes you will feel that you have wasted your money and you could have done it in a better way. To avoid this perplexing situation, we have curated the things to consider when buying a dog house in the UAE.


The size of the dog house is very important. The size of the dog house should be compatible with the size of the house you will buy or build. The dog house should be big enough for the dog to move freely and able to turn around without touching the sides of the kennel.

Make sure that you carefully estimate the height and length of your dog, and choose or construct a house that your dog could stand, lie down at ease, stretch, and turn around.

Building material

There are different building materials used in a dog house. Wood is arguably the best option, which helps keep the temperature very well regulated. The dog houses made with wooden planks will be best suited for usage in the Middle East region. Metal and plastics are other options that are available in the market, but not advisable for the extreme climatic conditions. Also, you should check whether the materials used in the dog house is durable and long-lasting.

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Weather in your location

If you are planning to install a dog house in the UAE, consider buying a dog house with air conditioning. The summer heat is horrible in the Middle East region and keeping these fur animals outside will expose them to heat and harmful sun rays. This, in turn, will cause heat stroke and other fatal diseases. To avoid such mishaps, buy a dog house with air conditioning. It will keep your fur animal happy and comfortable.

The dog house space

Where are you planning to place the dog house? Yes, it is a significant factor when it comes to owning a pet house. If you have a smaller place for pet house installation, then make sure you leave some leftover space. This will make the installation hassle-free and allows enough space around the house for air and light circulation.

The proper air circulation will ensure adequate ventilation for the dog house hence keeping it clean and dry. Also, it is essential to have access to all sides of the dog house for the better cleaning of the house. Dogs are very naughty animals that brings a lot of muds and dirt to their houses, so having access to all sides of the dog house will provide a better vision to clean it properly.

Choosing the right dog house is very important and requires careful planning. Always keep your pet’s comfort first on the list.


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