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The Effects of Pollution on Marine Life

Ever since man set foot on the surface of the earth. There are different theories about how man came to existence. Some cultures tell us that man was deported from heavens, other say humans evolved from apes, some theories suggest that all life started from a single microscopic organism which evolved and multiplied to create […]Read More

The Impact of Domestic Animals on Human Life

The relation between humans and animals has evolved in many ways since the beginning of mankind. Humans have developed a domestic relationship with many animals. Domestic animals are such animals that are kept, bred, used by humans for various purposes, the history of domesticated animals goes back to ages. Man has been using animals to […]Read More

Why You Should Keep A Pet?

Pets are the animals or birds that kept by a person for companionship, entertainment, and pleasure. Pets are a great source of joy and affection. Pets can be found in every region of the world, some people keep pets as a hobby, some keep pets for companionship and to lose the sense of loneliness, and […]Read More

How Birds Help Maintain the Environmental Balance?

Birds have quite a long history of evolution, they appeared on the planet long before the humans did. Today there is no such region on our planet where birds don’t exist. Birds are considered beautiful and adored around the world. Like other animals’ birds also have different categories, some are the birds of prey and […]Read More