Buying a New Puppy

 Buying a New Puppy

Searching out a good, trustworthy breeder is the most important step when it comes to bringing home a new friend – a cute and adorable puppy.

What Should you Look at when Buying a New Puppy?

Who does not like to have a puppy? If you plan to bring a new dog home, remember that the first three to four weeks of a dog are the most significant phase. During this period, the puppies shape their perspectives about what is safe for them and what is scary. Shaping them up, later on, can be tough. However, training and building good habits are utterly important for puppies.

Best Tips to Find the Most Adorable & Cutest Puppy

As soon as you decide what type of dog breeds you wish to bring home and where to buy a puppy, it is ideal to have a look at your local animal shelter. Nevertheless, while getting a puppy, you will want to make an informed decision about which puppy to choose from the litter.

Whether you are looking for boxer puppies for sale in Toronto or have chosen a purebred puppy, you will find a few important things to consider.

Activity level and confidence

When you visit a dog shelter or a litter, it is crucial to see the puppies interact with each other before they feel your presence. Seek out a puppy that is neither overly submissive nor dominant with the other pups.

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Nature and friendliness

At a puppy shop, look for the one that approaches you with its head held high and tail wagging. These two indicate socially tuned-up pups that have seen the right beginning in their lives. You can test their sociability in a few different ways.

Pick each pup up and test their reaction. See if it is excessively struggling or not. A friendly puppy will comparatively settle quickly in your arms. Besides, manipulate the pup’s feet, mouth, and tail and check that they are not reacting overly to being prodded or poked.

Another way to test the puppies would be to keep them down and hold them on their backs for a few seconds. They will not enjoy it initially, but good puppies should not bite or harshly react. They will relax beneath your moderate pressure. Make sure you have an experienced person to test a puppy this way since it needs confidence and little skill.

Besides, do not choose a fearfully timid puppy. It is very tough to change the fearfulness in dogs. Nevertheless, avoid it unless you have the skills to handle and train a fearful dog efficiently and provide it confidence. A perfect pup will enjoy being with you, accompanying you, and playing with you.

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health of puppy

Here are a few essential things you should consider to ensure that you are taking a healthy puppy home.

The pup you get should be on the ball and possess a healthy coat. Look at the puppy carefully. It shouldn’t have an over- or under-shot jaw. The eyes and genitalia of the puppy should be clear without inflammation or discharge.

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Shortlist two or three pups and take them aside independently. Check their hearing and vision. You can check this by dropping something on the floor behind them, clicking, or clapping and see how they react. Also, test their sight by placing a toy or something to eat on the floor close to them.

Take your new friend home

People buy and sell a puppy, but one thing they overlook is how crucial it is to get a seven to eight weeks old puppy. This period is the start of the formative period and the most crucial time in a dog’s development. However, the best thing you should do for your pet is to bring it home at this age.

Take your new friend home

During these first seven to eight weeks, it is crucial to socialize your new friend with people of different ages and gender and animals of different species, like chickens, cows, cats, etc.

Where to buy a puppy

Local shelters are the perfect places to visit if you are interested in adopting a puppy. Besides, there are various leading online pet shops where you can find the cutest and friendly puppy to take home. These online pet stores will make your efforts to find a stylish little puppy easy.

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