Getting a New Pet During Covid-19

 Getting a New Pet During Covid-19

With most of the world making the move to work as remotely as possible due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, many families are considering whether now is the right time to adopt a new furry friend. Here, we break down some helpful considerations when deciding if this is the right move for your family.

A Pet is for Life

If you are considering getting a new pet, remember that you are committing to have them for the entirety of their lives. Dogs and cats can live anywhere from ten to twenty years depending on their breed. Rabbits, meanwhile, can live 8 to fourteen years. Even small rodent pets, such as hamsters, often age to be 2 to 3 years old. So,don’t just consider how a new animal would fit into your life during these pandemic times when you are home more often than usual. Think through what you will do if you end up back at work in-person full time, or, if you want to go on a vacation. If a pet still fits into these types of future scenarios, then now might actually be the perfect time to settle in a new family member when you can provide them with extra attention.


If you do decide to bring home a new pet and can commit the necessary time to them, make sure that you are also prepared with all of the supplies they might need. After all, pets often need more equipment than you might originally realize! Petzone is a great go-to local supplier of everything your new friend will require from the moment you bring them home and throughout all the wonderful time you will spend together over the years.

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A helpful way to consider everything that is needed is to think through your own daily routine and ask yourself whether a pet will require their own version of the supplies you use every day. For starters, there is the bed you wake up on in the morning— pets need one too. Then there is food to eat for meals and treats to have in the meantime. Don’t forget about grooming. Certain pets, such as dogs, will require pet shampoo to have on hand, as well as a brush to smooth out their coats, and wipes to clean up after they get dirty on walks or outside playing. There are also “clothing items” that pets require, such as collars, harnesses, and leashes. And of course, make sure to have fun toys on hand to keep your pet active and engaged! Altogether, you should make sure you can afford all of these necessities for the full lifetime of the pet you plan to take in.



While we are living in unprecedented, even difficult times, having the ability to add a pet to your home that you have adequately prepared for can be a wonderful silver lining. Petzone, the leading pet retailer in Kuwait, is a great local source to help you ensure that your home is ready for your new family member. Take time to think through and plan for both the time commitment and financial requirements needed, and then you will be on your way to successful pet ownership! 


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