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Monitoring animal health and preventing the animal from disease is vital to the economy and safety of a country.

Effects of Light on Animals

What are the Effects of Light on Animals?

Light especially sunlight is not only responsible for providing energy to both humans and plants, but it also plays a critical role in powering the life of wild animals. Not only this, but animals’...
Issues Caused by Captivity to Animals

Issues Caused by Captivity to Animals (Concerning Zoos)

What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Zoo”? A clear picture of animals captivated in a limited concrete enclosure might have clicked you. Certainly, that’s the problem! Animals are born free....
Farm Animals

How to Keep Farm Animals Healthy?

Sickness in farm animals can greatly affect the economy and biodiversity of a country. Caring for sick animals causes loss of money, time, and also bad health effects on other animals. The best thing you...
keep your pet healthy

5 Top Health Tips for Your Pet

That gratifying feeling when you stroke your pet is just immeasurable. Not only you feel like your blood pressure is lowering but also you feel calmer. You keep them along with you when you...

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