How Coronavirus Has Helped Wild Animals and Their Habitats

 How Coronavirus Has Helped Wild Animals and Their Habitats

Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 is an infectious disease which raised at the end of the year 2019 in Wuhan province of china. At the start of 2020, it spread its wings throughout the world creating an alarming situation in many countries. Today coronavirus is present in almost all countries of the world.

The root cause of the coronavirus is associated with the consumption of bats, whatever the cause of this pandemic is, it has managed to spread the world and many deaths have been reported. According to an estimation, 148,741 people have been killed by the virus.

It is being considered as the biggest epidemic after the 2nd world war. This viral disease specifies that it has erased the discrimination of rich and poor, it can attack and kill anyone if not properly diagnosed. Britain’s prime minister is the biggest example of this scenario.

The effects of this deadly virus vary from person to person, but the major symptoms are the same. In some cases, it is not noticeable for up to 14 days, but in some cases, it suddenly creates a deadly situation. But there is an interesting to the whole pandemic thing is that wild animals and birds are immune to this disease.

Wild animals and their habitats seem to be refurbished during this time of the epidemic, the pollution levels have fallen to 19%. This article will tell you the effect of the worldwide lockdowns and quarantines on wild animals and their habitats.

Deforestation Has Reduced:

Due to coronavirus, the rates of deforestation have reduced to a surprising extent, due to this fact the natural habitats of wild animals are returning to original states. It has been only 1-3 months of this pandemic and we can see visible changes in the atmosphere of the planet and forests and natural ecosystems.

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Wild Animals Are Being Spotted in Urban and Rural Areas:

Due to the absence of humans and on roads and open spaces, wild animals are seen exploring the cities and villages that are near forests or wild. A lot of cases have been reported in different cities that people witnessed wild animals like tigers, cheetahs, and bears roaming around the cities. There are more than 20 sightings of wild leopards in the Islamabad area of Pakistan.

Illegal Hunting and Poaching Have Stopped:

With the spread of coronavirus, the activities like hunting and poaching have decreased, the wild animals are striving toward threat free life from hunters and poachers, this is a positive effect of COVID-19 on wildlife.

Wildlife Consumption Has Been Limited:

As the coronavirus is suspected to be present in the wild bats that were consumed by Chinese locals, a wave of fear has raised among people about eating the wild animals, they can contain many more deadly diseases like coronavirus, the Chinese government has banned the consumption of wild animals.

There are many more benefits of this pandemic on wild animals, but where certain things have many undeniable benefits there are many drawbacks too. These drawbacks are also affecting wild animals.

The most affected community of the wildlife are those wild animals that in human captivity like zoo animals, animals kept in safari parks, etc., due to the present conditions of lockdowns these animals are at risk. With staff not present these wild animals can starve, without proper care they can die.

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We can just hope and pray that this epidemic end soon, or else it can devastate entire communities of animals as well as humans. The pollution rates have dropped down, along with the use of natural resources like trees, fuels, etc. which is leading to more flourishing wildlife and their habitats.

Many people around the world are taking this pandemic as the natural way of healing the earth, and this is proving to be right until now because keeping humans aside everything in nature is healing its self.

This epidemic can be considered as a warning sign from nature, that if we continue messing up the planet like this, nature will find its way to heal itself and that way might be not suitable for humans. We hope that this pandemic ends soon.

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