Pets Can Be A Great Companion If You Are Dealing With Loneliness

 Pets Can Be A Great Companion If You Are Dealing With Loneliness

As humans, we all need a sense of belongingness. This feeling greatly helps in reducing stress and dealing with our daily challenges. At the end of the day, we need someone to share our feelings, to laugh or cry along. But this social necessity becomes hard to fulfil when you leave your family or shift to a new place either to study or for a job or any other significant reason.

Then what could be the solution in that case? Obviously, you will make friends and create a circle, but that takes time. Also, their other priorities will not allow you to share a sense of affiliation with them. Here, pets can play a significant role in making you feel loved and belonged. Either a dog or a cat or any other, their company will help you forget the stress and bring a smile to your face.

It is a known fact that people who own a pet are 36% less likely to feel lonely They have someone to walk along with, to hug and cuddle, to share meals and bath. And, it is not only about loneliness, but there are also several health benefits of having a pet such as:

  • A good blood pressure
  • Maintained cholesterol level
  • Decreased triglyceride level
  • Increased activity
  • Increased social involvement, etc.

We all have different phases in our life, some are less demanding, some are more.  Teenage students who leave their homes and shift to new places or sometimes a foreign country for education often deal with loneliness. Also, their tender nature and inexperience make it difficult for them to deal with the new challenges of the unusual environment. Sometimes they struggle so much that they even can’t concentrate well on their studies and opt for assignment help from experts to save their semester.

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They should also opt for having a pet to share their space. As they will take care of the pet, they will receive the same in return. Also, no one can love you unconditionally as a pet does.

Pets Are The Real Buddies in Hard Times

If you think only a human can understand another human’s feelings, you are mistaken, my friend. In fact, a human can ignore your feelings to prioritise his own, but a pet will never do that.

Pets have a great natural tendency to read your mind. Thus, they are the real mates for both tough and good times. In your hard times, they will sit along, make you feel good, love you, and also work for you by fetching you your newspaper or shoes. But they will never let you be alone. This is one of the major reasons that pet owners find solace with their pets in their hard times.

Similarly, in your good times, your pet will play along and be really happy no matter the dinner was good or not.

So, there are many feelings that pets are good to share with. At least their feelings are true and they care.

Are You A College Student? How a Pet Can Help Improve Your Life?

A new campus, environment, hostel, or off-campus life, a student’s life become stressful in this transition time. Meeting with new people, dealing with new challenges and trying to fit in make them feel overwhelmed.

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A survey that was conducted to study the impact of having pets on students revealed that most of the students like to have a pet with them due to several reasons. For some, it is a way to kill their loneliness, for some, it is a good way to stay healthy and active. And, for some, it is a way to relieve and distress.

Relieving loneliness is the top reason to have a pet for students, adults, and old aged people. So age doesn’t really matter, but for students who stay away from family, pets are a great way to find a company.

How It Can Impact Your Life?

  • By making you feel relieved
  • By making you feel loved
  • No sense of loneliness
  • It will make you more happy and caring
  • It will increase the feel-good factor
  • It will help better concentrate on studies
  • Helps in your emotional and mental growth

There are plenty of benefits of having a per by your side. Even if you are a college-goer, a working professional or an old age man, a per will equally love and care for you. So, bring home a pet and prepare for quality time.


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