Top Tips for Private Dog Training

 Top Tips for Private Dog Training

Having your private dog at home is easy but training him requires an extra effort. Whether you train your new dog yourself or hire a private trainer; some basic training tips are the same for all.

After going through long research, we have listed some top common tips on how you can train your private dog.

Choose and Respect Your Dog’s Name

Of course, once you have brought your four-legged friend at your home, you need to give him a good name. For private dog training, it’s essential to pick a short name ending with a strong consonant. Names ending with Jasper, Jack, or Ginger will usually perk up your puppy’s ears. It must be associated with something pleasant the same way that he thinks about other great stuff in his life such as dinner, walk, or cookie.

Make Necessary Decisions Before His Arrival

Before bringing your puppy at home, you must decide on some important issues like will he be allowed to sit on your bed or furniture? Will he be given his chair to sit for lunch or dinner? When will you take him for a walk? Etc. Clearing your mind on such questions will help in getting you and him out of confusion.

Set His Private Den

Your priority should be providing your puppy his private sleeping place where no other pet enters. His den which is usually a crate will also be a valuable tool for housetraining.

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Help Him Relax on Arriving Home

Your dog may feel like a fish out of water especially when he enters your home for the first time. Thus, make sure to give him a bottle of warm water and put a ticking clock near his sleeping area. This will imitate as if he is nearby his littermates and hence, will make him comfortable. In the early days, you will have to give extra care in terms of providing them a comfortable place to sleep, lunch, and dinner to eat, and taking him for a walk. That will help in your private dog training without making much effort later.

Teach Him to Come When Called

Come, Jack! Good boy! Try to use such words for your new friend. Initially, he may not understand or may not follow you but once you win his confidence, you will see that your puppy will become your best friend. Try to call them out to have his favorite meal or activity; that will help better in this regard.

Reward Him for His Positive Behavior

Once your puppy gets used to you or shows positive behavior, reward him with treats, toys, love, or heaps of praise. Similarly, if he makes some mistake, try not to use harsh words on him.

Discourage Him for Nipping or Biting

The best way for private dog training is to not discourage him; no matter how much you are annoyed. If he bites you, don’t reprimand! Instead, show that you are in pain. Your dog will not do the same next time once he realizes.

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