Why should Nurturing Birds be an Integral Part of Your Routine?

 Why should Nurturing Birds be an Integral Part of Your Routine?

The scads of birds in the backyard, their chirping & soul-arousing sounds are surely rewarding for birds freaks. It’s the most alluring way to get into the wildlife without even leaving the comfort of your home. Inviting and watching them in your backyard or rooftops can give astounding joy to one & all.

But is this required to do like that? Are we bound for birds’ buffets? Is it essential to keep water to feed birds despite all seasons?  Of course not! You are not bound or there’re of course not any compulsions on you to do so. But yes, as a human it becomes a responsibility to do such noble acts. Why, how, and what benefits you can enjoy, you will get everything in this article.

Why Is It Our Responsibility?

Birds are wondrous glory of nature. However, these beautiful creatures are depleting every passing day. We should always act like a responsible human being in every aspect. Just remember the childhood days when you used to see different broods of birds. The hummingbirds with beautiful bluish or greenish feathers, Columbidae, parrots, swallows, bulbul, kingfisher, sunbirds, and all were so common to behold.

But now, you will see, these species are quite rare to see in your surroundings. The reasons might be pollution and the unavailability of enough food and water for them. However, you can restore these nature’s wonders by making arrangements of food and water for them.

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These creatures can’t speak and let us aware of their hunger and thirst, so it’s an obvious duty of ours to arrange food for them. Yes, it’s not a compulsion but surely we should do it to save the nature.

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Feeding Birds carry Barrage of Benefits!

Though it’s a pretty dedicated effort that needs your time and money, surely it’s rewarding too. Here are the benefits you can enjoy!

A Stress-Buster

Have you ever kept some water and food grains on the rooftops? What relaxing and stress buster activity it is. This joyful experience will let you feel so good as you have fed some creatures and help them live. It’s a good way to escape from daily stress.

Bag full of Prayers

If you are finding ways to attain prayers and blessings in your life then believe us, feeding bird is an assured way of getting so. You fill the stomach of these creatures and bag countless blessings from them. Almighty will never let you feel deprived of anything when you think of His creatures.

A Permanent Company

Once you start feeding the birds, you will see flocks of birds and other species coming at your space. Their company will make you feel elated all the time. In starting when you see one Columbidae, there your backyard will start getting filled with many other bird species. You will love watching and waiting to meet your new friends regularly.

Steady Food Source for Chicks

The blistering summer heat doesn’t let the birds get proper feed for themselves and their little chicks. However, if you make arrangements of feed & water for them then they could be saved from coming to extinction. This reliable source of food provided by you keeps them assured that they will get food despite all hard circumstances and their chicks will not die because of food unavailability.

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A Source of Peace & Joy for You

The chirping of birds is the world’s most peaceful music ever. When this blessing comes to your home regularly and visiting your backyard, then surely it provides you endless joy that’s incomparable to anything else. Entertain yourself with this nature’s beauty in your backyard, or rooftops or outside the windows.

Meet their Food and Water Requirements!

To feed the birds, it’s necessary to know about the right diet for them. However, if you want to put common feed for them then seeds, wheat, grains, fruits are the most common food items for them.

You can take a small pot and put grains on the rooftop. If you want to invite more colorful birds then keep water in as many pots you can. Put designer transparent containers with holes in it. You can hang them to give your garden a more beautiful look.

So it’s quite simple to avail water and feed for birds and your little effort can save birds from getting die. The scorching heat becomes the prime reason for their death and lets us not gets these Almighty’s creatures to die because of it.

Any Organization You Know, Taking it seriously?

Numerous nature conservation foundations are doing them every effort to save the birds from getting depleted. Birdwatcher Society, Birds Conservation Society of Gujarat, Deccan Birders, Aaranyak, Bombay Natural History Society, Center for Environment Education, Cochin Natural History Society, Dera Sacha Sauda, India Bird Races and many more.

The organizations are in abundance who are taking every responsibility to take care of either particular ones or every bird species on the whole. However, most of these organizations themselves do it and not making their project enormous to cover every individual to perform this noble deed.

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However, I found DSS to be the topmost out of these. The reasons are numerous in support of this pick! One biggest reason is each & every volunteer is working to take care of every bird flying in the sky. Wondering how?

DSS Chief Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has taught his disciples to keep water and food for birds on their rooftops every day. Dera volunteers are well prevalent for valor to serve humanity which has even made them the warriors who can’t ever see anyone in grief and start doing efforts to reduce their pain in all possible ways. In the same way, they are serving the birds and pledged to not let them die because of hunger or thirst. Their passion surely makes them superior to all other organizations.

They are setting an example of incessant passion for not just human life but for every creature’s goodness.

Bird Nurturing is the Finest Expression of Generosity! Wear this Expression for Nature’s Goodness!

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