Why Should You Avoid Feeding Home Cooked Food to Your Pet?

 Why Should You Avoid Feeding Home Cooked Food to Your Pet?

Many of you would think that there’s no alternate for home-cooked food as it is prepared under your keen observation and contains all the important nutrients which are necessary for your good health. It’s certainly true in the case of humans. However, if you assume the same in case of your pet then you might be wrong.

Although home-cooked food seems to be a better idea, it might prove disastrous especially if you make an unintentional mistake that’s going to severely affect your pet’s health.

Therefore, we have pinned point some common mistakes that you might be doing if you prefer home-cooked food for your pet and shared some tips if you are still inclined towards home-cooked food.

Situations When You Should Avoid Home-Cooked Food

The following are some situations when you should maximum avoid providing a home-cooked diet to your pet.

  • When your pet is young or a growing animal – less than 12 months of age for cats and most dogs, less than 18 months for a giant-breed dog.
  • When your pet is pregnant or a nursing animal.
  • When your pet is overweight and they are on a weight loss diet. It’s very difficult to provide all the necessary nutrients to your pet in food that you prepare yourself.
  • If you have a cat as your pet, you should know that most cats don’t like nutritionally-balanced home-cooked diet and that’s indeed a problem if you prefer home-cooked food.
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Other Reasons to Avoid Home Cooked Food

Even if the above-mentioned conditions are not fully satisfied in your case, still some reasons compel you to think twice while feeding home-cooked food to your pet.

  • Home-cooked food is relatively expensive and time-consuming when compared with a commercial diet. It’s problematic when your pet is sick and you have to feed them. Because you don’t have enough time or sometimes you are penniless, you can’t afford home-cooked food in this case.
  • If your pet suffers from some disease, you’re usually required to provide a therapeutic diet that helps in the treatment of such disease.
  • Even if your pet eats your home cooking very willingly e.gg. cooked chicken or beef and rice, she may be much less enthusiastic about a home-cooked diet once you make it nutritionally balanced with all the required nutrients in the right proportions.
  • If you continuously feed your dog home-cooked food, it might become difficult for you to shift them to a therapeutic diet which is essential in removing bladder or kidney diseases.

Tips for Preparing Home-Cooked Food

  • Never leave uncooked or raw meat in your home-cooked food. That can affect your pet’s stomach.
  • Take help from international organizations that recommend the specific recipe for preparing home-cooked food for your pet.
  • Always get recommendations from your vet. Seek their help in preparing a particular recipe according to your pet’s health and their immunity. Because they are the ones who are keenly observing your pet.
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