Why You Should Keep A Pet?

 Why You Should Keep A Pet?

Pets are the animals or birds that kept by a person for companionship, entertainment, and pleasure. Pets are a great source of joy and affection. Pets can be found in every region of the world, some people keep pets as a hobby, some keep pets for companionship and to lose the sense of loneliness, and some people are affectionate for animals and adopt them to give them a good home.

The history of humans keeping animals as pets is far-reaching, in the early prehistoric times, the relationship between hums and animals was of food and clothes, people killed animals to satisfy their pangs of hunger and use their skins as insulating materials and clothes.

As the time passed the viewpoint of humans against changed and humans started to grow affectionate to animals, the very animal that was adored as a pet was a dog, and that was about 8,000 years again the ancient civilizations. A dog has been man’s best friend for over 8,000 years and this fact is interesting yet astonishing.

We also get the history of the ancient Egyptians and their affections towards cats; cats were thought to be the guardians of the underworld and many pharaohs kept them as pets and provided them a luxurious habitat so that they can have a successful afterlife.

Enough of history! Let’s get you through some facts, benefits and positive effects keeping pets can have on you! People who keep pets are happier and satisfied with lives.

We have categorized pets into three categories:

  • The Companions.
  • The Workers
  • The Exhibits.

The Companions:

These are indoor or outdoor pets, they may be birds, dogs, cats, reptiles and some other animals or birds that maintain environmental balance. The animals are mostly kept for companionship, these pets may stay indoors and go outdoors with you on trips and walks. These types of pets are the most common.

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The Workers:

This category contains animals that are required by humans to do some work. Some pets from the companion categories fall in this category too like dogs are kept for security purposes. The best example of working pets is elephants, in some Asian regions’ elephants are kept as working pets, donkeys and horses also lie under this category of pets.

The Exhibits:

This is the most interesting category of pets, the exhibits are mostly exotic and expensive pets that are not very common, like many people around the world love to keep wild and extinct animals as their pets. People like to keep lions, tigers, crocodiles as their pets.

People in the middle east keep cheetahs as their exotic pets as a sign of wealth and power. The exhibits require more care than the normal pets and are heavy on the pocket, but still, people who like to keep exhibits buy these pets and keep them as their own.

Benefits of Having A Pet:

There are many scientifically proven benefits and positive effects of keeping a pet on owners, some of these are as follows:

  1. Pets provide you with a sense of companionship and eradicate loneliness, you feel happier, loneliness is a cause of mental breakdowns and suicide in some cases.
  2. Pets relieve stress, playing with the pets and adoring them can reduce anxiety and stress.
  3. Pets keep you entertained with their actions like parrots talk back to you. If you win the trust of your pet, it’s a different kind of feeling.
  4. There is an old saying: “An empty mind is a home to the devil”. No, we didn’t mean to scare you! It means when your mind is empty you get negative and stressful thoughts. Pets keep you engaged in different activities, so they can help you pass your free time in a much better way.
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How to Choose A Suitable and Fun Pet?

Choosing the right pet for your type of personality and lifestyle is very important, it does not mean you have to choose something you are not fond of. Go for choosing whatever you like without a second thought. Keeping in view your lifestyle just makes sure that you and your pet develop a strong bond and can live peacefully.

When you have chosen a pet for yourself, your kids or your family, try to adopt a pet rather than to buy one. Many leftover pets seek attention and are much more friendly and free of cost too.


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