Modern Cat Furniture That Will Have Your Cat Purring

 Modern Cat Furniture That Will Have Your Cat Purring

We all want the best for our beloved cats. Are you looking to give your cat a safe place to play and sleep that is fun and isn’t an eyesore? Your cat can relax in both comfort and style with modern cat furniture from The Refined Feline.

Modern Cat Towers

There are a lot of cat trees and cat condos available nowadays, but they are often unattractive and aren’t made to last. The Refined Feline designs beautiful cat furniture for your favorite feline that will last all nine lives. Their modern cat furniture is made from durable pet-safe materials that are attractive to both cats and humans. The solid wooden cat trees feature carpeted platforms and cushioned cubbies and all cushions and carpets are washable and replaceable. This unique cat furniture will leave both you and your cat happy. 

Do most bulky carpeting cat towers take up too much floorspace? The Refined Feline’s chic tall designs are compact and come in a variety of modern colors. This classy cat furniture will actually add to the look of your home, rather than be an eyesore. Many carpeted cat towers tend to tip over easily. Cat furniture from the Refined Feline though is durable, strong, and made to support your cat whether they’re relaxing or leaping from platform to platform.

Beautiful Litter Box Furniture

The Refined Feline also designs beautiful wooden litter box furniture that will solve all of your cat litter problems. You won’t have to search for a spot to hide the ugly cat litter box. Instead, get a piece of cat furniture that’ll make life easier for you and your cat. Their Refined Litter Box Deluxe is a cabinet with ventilated slots in the back that can hold carbon filters that absorb odors. These sturdy cabinets offer privacy for your cat and make cleaning easier for you. Only you and your cat will know what is hiding inside!

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Durable Cat Scratching Posts

One source of frustration for many cat owners is scratching. Finding a cat scratching post that both you and your cat like can be tough. Your cat may enjoy shredding any old cardboard scratcher but you’ll get sick of cleaning up the bits and pieces. Cat scratching posts from The Refined Feline are made of durable materials that won’t break when clawed. They even make some that serve a dual purpose as a table or bed.

Modern Cat Furniture That Is Both Beautiful And Functional

Cat furniture doesn’t have to compromise the beautiful look of your home. Cat towers and litter boxes don’t have to be an eyesore that you feel the need to hide. Consider replacing your old torn-up cat furniture with a piece of durable modern cat furniture that is made to last. Both you and your cat will be happier.

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