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    Domestic Animals

    The Impact of Domestic Animals on Human Life

    The relation between humans and animals has evolved in many ways since the beginning of mankind. Humans have developed a domestic relationship with many animals. Domestic animals are such animals that are kept, bred,...
    Deadly Diseases in Dogs

    6 Common Deadly Diseases in Dogs – Symptoms & Treatment

    Dogs are one of the most loyal pets for they care for their owner like a guard. They fill your life with love, fur, and plenty to smile about. But when they get sick,...
    Wild animals threats

    Threats Wild Animals Face Today

    Wildlife isn’t the same as it was 100-150 years ago, nature created all the life forms on earth in an ideal balance, same is the case with wild animals. Just like humans wildlife requires...

    What Are The Most Deadliest Creatures In The World?

    Sharks may consider a star, and spiders take over the department of phobia, but when you observe the facts, you come to know that these creatures are dangerous and even close to being the...
    Plastic Bags Effects on Marine Animal

    Plastic Bags Effects on Marine Animals and Our Responsibilities

    You might have experienced when you go for a trip to a nearby river or sea, there are tons of litter containing plastic bags and other non-biodegradable items which are mercilessly thrown in water....

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