Why dog need A Jacket in winter?

 Why dog need A Jacket in winter?

Like any animal, dogs and their breeds vary from region to region. Many of them have developed unique capabilities and adaptations in the course of evolution for their survival in the world.

Some dogs are tiny, some big, some with small hair and many other carry thick hair. It’s nature’s mystery how many species of dogs were capable of extreme colds. While others are delicate or less hairy, making them vulnerable to the exposure of winter.

The passion for adopting dogs is motivated by many factors. It’s just a matter of taste that one is crazy about German Shepherd or Chihuahua. But one thing is for sure that pet owners always want to keep their pets at ease.

To help the dedicated pet owners out there, we brought to you an expert guide to explain whether or not your pet needs a coat. It’s worth to note that Kuoser winter jackets are the most trusted brand in the U.K for the most remarkable clothes for small, medium, and large dogs.

Breeds that require Jacket in winter

For all the owners of delicate, tiny, and the most cutest dogs, it is worth knowing whether their dogs need warm clothes or not. Northern breeds like Alaskan malamute and Serbian Husky are immune to chilly seasons. But what about Yorkshire terriers that need protection because of their small size?

  • Breeds with short hair and miniature size

Owing much to their cute existence, the miniature dogs require thoughtful care. These delicate breeds are not for homes with smaller children. Like French bulldogs small dogs can’t retain their body heat. To keep them warm, optimized clothing according to the weather is essential.

  • Breeds with Lean body with short hair

These kinds are prone to get affected in extreme weather. Poodle and many likewise breeds need a layer of cloth after grooming to keep them in a stable condition.

  • Breeds with ground sitting habit

Some of the breeds, such as Pembroke Welsh Corgis, sit low and brush against the snow. Despite their thick coats, their exposure of belly to the surface of ice can affect them.

  • Senior Dogs

Because of their weakened immune system, they are prone to diseases in extreme weather. Arthritis is the most recurring and common. Even the ones with long hair require winter clothing to keep them healthy and comfortable.

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Kuoser Winter Jackets

Kuoser winter jackets are the most trustable and authentic clothing for dogs. They make highly comfortable and protective such as waterproof vests, jackets, and other apparel. They are making quality apparel for small, medium, as well as large dogs. Whether it is for the sake of fashion or comfort, these clothes will take care of your dog.

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