What do you know about Health Problems in Golden Retrievers?

 What do you know about Health Problems in Golden Retrievers?

Health problems in Golden Retriever puppies can range from nothing serious to fatal. The best thing to remember is that most health problems in Golden Retriever puppies are normally just minor problems that will correct themselves as your dog grows and develops. If there are serious health problems in your puppy, it is important that you take him to the vet right away. The longer you wait the worse his condition will become.

Here are some of the most common health problems in Golden Retrievers puppies:

Hip Dysplasia

This is the most common physical problem in dog breeds and is usually congenital. It occurs when the front part of the hip joint doesn’t fit the spine and can cause difficulties with movement. Hip dysplasia is the most common problem with goldens but is also found in many other breeds. Treatment is usually not expensive and you should expect to see a correction within three years.


This is a condition where the dog’s skin becomes thick and he develops a scaly coat over the chest and belly. It occurs most frequently in the American Pit Bull Terrier but also occurs in many other dog breeds. Treatment is still not completely understood but it appears to be genetic. You will usually want to avoid these particular dog breeds. Other health issues in golden retrievers that appear to be similar are Hypocalcaemia and Leukemia.

Eye Issues 

Eye infections are probably the most common health issues in Golden Retriever puppies. They can be prevented by cleaning the eyes on a regular basis with specially formulated eye drops or simply using an alternative method of disinfection such as Bactrim. Infections are more likely to occur in Goldens that spend more time outdoors, especially with unsupervised playtime. A problem arises when the puppy becomes stressed from behavioral issues and neglect from his owner.

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Ear Problems

Ear mites in Golden Retriever are a common problem for both parents and the pup. Puppies can have problems from birth and problems can persist even into adulthood, affecting the ears of some breeds. Ear problems can be avoided by choosing a dog that has a good genetic history of being free of mites. A more preferable choice of dog breed would be one that has relatively few genetic faults.

Health problems are inevitable in any breed of dog. Golden Retrievers make up a small percentage of dogs and are susceptible to many conditions that affect other breeds. Taking care of your Golden Retriever ensures you provide a healthy and happy existence to yourself and to your loved ones. Health problems are not unavoidable but can be prevented with proper nutrition, regular veterinary care, exercise, and frequent trips to the vet.


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