Joint Supplement – A Need for Your Horse

 Joint Supplement – A Need for Your Horse

Imagine you have brought your four-legged friend (horse) at your home. You are conscious about buying important things — from blankets and brushes to salt licks and stall plates. But have you ever thought about adding a joint supplement for your horse on the list?

Why Should You Consider Joint Supplement for Your Horse?

But do you need a joint supplement for your horse? Thought so? Well, your horse may suffer stiffness when its joint is bent due to some injury or prolonged wear and tear. Mainly that’s caused by arthritis. Unluckily, arthritis in horses is not curable and prevails throughout life; however, you may alleviate the severe symptoms of this disease through prevention instead of experiencing the unaffordable costs caused by the injections and other medications. Instead of curing the disease, these injections are responsible for putting adverse effects like soft tissue damage, needle breakage, and allergic reactions. The best news is that joint supplements for horses can control all these from happening.

Other Advantages

  • Natural joint supplements help maintain your horse’s skin tone and condition.
  • They turn the dead skin into a healthy and shiny one.
  • Containing DHA, these joint supplements promote general well-being.
  • This helps maintain the healthy immune system of your horse.
  • The blood pressure and kidney functions of your horse will remain normal by getting on these supplements.
  • The lung capacity of your will remains enlarged with these supplements.
  • Similarly, no nerve and digestive problems will be encountered by your horse on getting these supplements.
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When Should You Feed Joint Supplement to Your Horse?

Well, we recommend that the moment you bring your horse to your home, you must start it on joint supplements. That’s because joint supplements contain ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid which help keep their joints healthy and avoid future problems. This means that joint supplements should be given to your horse before they show the symptoms of joint pain and discomfort.

Should You Give Joint Supplements to Your Old Horse?

Of course! Joint supplements can help ensure that your horse gets all the ingredients that help cope with all the added stresses that their old joints are under. Some supplements may contain ingredients such as MSM, devil’s claw, and yucca that will help support a normal inflammatory response and manage joint discomfort.

Which Joint Supplement Should Your Consider for Your Horse?

Mostly, it depends on the needs of your horse and the problem that it’s going through. However, you may consider the natural supplements which are void of the harmful chemicals and ingredients. Among these is Technyflex Equine – a natural supplement, derived from Premium Grade Green Lipped Mussels. It naturally contains glucosamine – an ingredient responsible for repairing the worn cartilage and preventing lameness caused by arthritis in your horse. The formula of this supplement also contains Omega 3 and 6 which help curb inflammation. Besides having high quality, the product is easy to ingest which doesn’t cause digestion problems in horses.


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