Train your Macaw Parrots to Talk with These Simple Steps

 Train your Macaw Parrots to Talk with These Simple Steps

All parrots have anatomy that makes them smart enough to talk. You can always teach your angelic friends to say different words or at least repeat them after you. Once you have started answering the words, you can work on the sentences or questions. Undoubtedly, Macaws training takes time and patience, but it is really attractive and fun.

Learn to talk to your macaw, no doubt difficult, but actually a demanding job. You have to be a lovely and good coach. You need tools and equipment to encourage your bird to imitate new sounds.

What you need to keep in mind is that teaching the first letter in Macaws is the hardest part, so you need to be patient at best. Let’s talk about specific tips that will make it easier for you to learn conversationalist Macaws. Macaws don’t just need a well-constructed cage to prevent it from escaping. Follow the simple steps explained below to train the macaw parrot.

Teach to imitate you:

You can start with a few words to see how your Macaws parrot mimics human speech. Simple words will make it easier to master the Macaws parrot. You can start with words like hello, goodbye, good, and so on.

Say the words clearly and frequently:

Every time you will be around the parrot, you should look into its eyes and say out the word that you want it to master.  Speak slowly so that your bird will be in a stronger position to imitate you after hearing from you. Say the words several times in order to ensure that the word is properly understood.

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Give your parrot sound treatment:

Macaws are social parrots and therefore they will be interested in talking to you. They may not be able to pronounce the words clearly once to you. However, if they make a sound, you need to deal with it. It will be encouraging for your passionate friend and he will continue his efforts.

Keep repeating the word and rewarding your macaw parrot:

Every time your bird says the words after you say it, treat it and praise it. In this way he gets closer to the correct pronunciation of the words.

Teach macaws new words:

Once you know the parrot started exactly one word, you need to change the word. Different Macaws parrots have different abilities to learn words. It depends on the personality and age of the parrots. However, most Macaws parrots are able to learn multiple words. It is strongly recommended that you use the same word until you have mastered it accurately.

Associate the words with the objects or actions:

Most macaws parrots will be in a better position to learn words when they see that they are related to something like a reward. For example, you need to teach him to say the word Apple every time he gives a parrot a slice. Wave your hand every time you want to say hello. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

As you learn to talk to your Macaws, you need to make sure you are teaching them something you will not regret later. It has been agreed that Macaws have very good memories and therefore do not forget any sentence or words that they have mastered. Therefore, you should be careful about the words you want to teach your friend. If you teach him something that is enough to accept, then you will regret it.

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