10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

Are you looking to buy dogs online to add new members to your family? Well, the best friendship between you and the pet can happen when your sign adopts the dog to meet your personality.

Buy the Best Dog Breed Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

Pet dog owners take a lot of factors ideally into consideration while deciding on a specific dog breed. The most crucial consideration when buying dogs include the size of the dog and your house, whether there are kids in your house, and the types of exercise the puppy will require. Apart from these factors, what goes with is your gut instinct. Another crucial factor to consider while buying dogs online or from the dog store is to match your lifestyle and personality to the right dog breed.

Dog Breeds for all 12 Zodiac Signs

Pet dogs are among the most cherished members of our family. They provide us with infinite loyalty and love. However, it is ideal to figure out more about what type of dog breed would match your home, lifestyle, and personality. Each sign has distinct characteristics, so it is good to review your doggy zodiac compatibility. People enjoy being with everyone that is similar to them. The same goes for animals. They enjoy being with others that they can relate to.

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What are the types of breeds compatible to your zodiac sign?


Aries is the most willful sign that also owns enormous leadership qualities. An Aries would probably prefer a dog breed that reflects similar traits and also can follow their lead. Dog breeds compatible with Ariens include German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, Weimaraner, Shiba Inu, or a Teddy Bear Poodle.


Taurus is a reliable and loyal sign that faces the finer things in life. Finding suitable dog breeds for you Taureans is quite a simple task. Various dog breeds are considered to be more regal. Breeds like Boxer and Golden Retriever Mix could be the best options.


Some people can do well with calm pets, whereas some are more comfortable with dogs full of curiosity and energy. Geminians are curious and love to try and explore new things. The dog breeds that share this soul include Labrador Retriever, Bearded Collie, French Bulldog, Bichon Frise, and Portuguese Water-Dog. These pets are said to be expensive but are highly energetic and active.


People with this zodiac sign are extremely family-oriented. They take their relationships quite seriously. Devotion and loyalty are the most valued elements for a Cancerian. Bulldogs and Rottweilers are great family pets, particularly when you have someone with the zodiac sign cancer in the house.

Golden Retriever is also a good option for Cancerians, but Rottweilers are quite loving and sweet. Cancerians will always want to safeguard their loved ones. Rottweilers are one of the excellent guard dogs. Those sensitive Cancerians can often be moody. Nevertheless, Chihuahuas and Chow Chows can make excellent fits.

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Leo is the sign that goes well with a pet that possesses equal positivity and charm. When it comes to zodiac compatibility, cheerful and active breeds like Dachshund, Pug, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, etc. goes well with Leos. These dog breeds are fun-loving and do well with the owners who are just as excitable and happy as they are.


Border Collie, Pointer, Spanish Waterdog, Shetland Sheepdog, and Greyhound are some of the dog breeds compatible with a Virgo. Virgos are super sensitive. Some people quite easily mask their sensitivities. Nevertheless, it is crucial to spend sufficient time with the dog you want to adopt officially.


Librans are quite mild and gentle. People with this sign love balance, stability, and harmony. However, they love to own pets that are easygoing and explode with love. Many people are scared of bigger dogs, but bigger ones are more cuddly and warmer than the smaller ones. Newfoundland is the best example. Other breeds compatible with a Libra can be Bernese Mountain Dog and a Siberian Husky. Any pet specialist at a reputable dog shop will tell you how devoted and sweet these breeds are.


Scorpions are truly brave, passionate, and resourceful. A Bull Mastiff, Bloodhound, Golden Retriever, and Pitbull mesh well with Scorpions. A few of these breeds can be scary, but they are indeed quite sweet. Many of them are too costly than other dog breeds, but a Scorpio can certainly manage to have them.


People with this sign love parties and celebrations. Everyone wants to be around them. Sagittarians like to travel, experience adventurous things and share positivity with the world around them. The dog breeds that imitate this personality comprise Boston Terrier, Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, and Shih Tzu. These breeds are fun-loving, can quickly make you laugh, and easily adapt to new situations.

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Capricorns are dependable, disciplined, and sturdy. Dogs with a calm behavior fit well with a Capricorn. Loud and laborious dogs can be utterly tough. The breeds you being a Capricorn, should opt for are Belgian Sheepdog, Shar Pei, Pekingese, Shiba Inu, and Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Aquarius is a unique sign. Aquarians are smart, clever, highly original, independent, and humanitarian to bang. Dogs like the Lhasa Apso would instantly attract an Aquarian. Other dog breeds compatible with an Aquarius would be a Collie, Havanese, Poodle, and Labrador Retriever.


Pisces is the most sensitive and imaginative sign. People with this sign would love to be with the most curious, kind, and bright dog. A Pisces loves to have a companion that loves to cuddle, may it be a Saint Bernard Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel. The relationship between a Pisces and its pet will be extreme since people with this sign can give their entire heart to anything they like.

Think about Rescuing rather than Buying 

You can buy dogs & puppies online from Grazill.ca or through a local breeder near you. First of all, look at dog shelters and rescues. A number of these breeds are awaiting a forever home. So before buying your desired dog, look around you, in shelters and fosters homes. These dogs can carry as much joy and pleasure as a poodle you might buy from a breeder.

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