Pacman Frogs – How to Take Care of Your Amphibian Pet

 Pacman Frogs – How to Take Care of Your Amphibian Pet

Pacman frog or toad, South American horned frogs Ceratophrys ornata (Argentine horned frog) Tropical rain forest animal living in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil Argentina and paraguay kept as exotic pet animal

The Pacman frogs share the name with the famous arcade game Pacman because they have a round body with a wide mouth and can eat a lot- just like those iconic Pacman monsters. If you love frogs then you can surely take home a Pacman frog as your pet. They are strong, can live in harsh conditions, and are maintenance-friendly.

These wonderful frogs originally come from the South American rain forests.  They wait on the forest floor to their prey to approach them and then hunt this prey down. Pacman frogs are a delight to eyes with their ball-like round shaped figure with green base and red or brown dots on the body. Some subspecies also show different color variations.

These frogs are extremely territorial. They become very aggressive if they are threatened or anxious. And, you might receive a nasty bite from them as they have some sharp tooth. Hence, it is better if you observe them without being too much touchy.

A Pacman frog, in general, takes one year to become adults; the female frogs are larger than their male companions. A female frog can be four to seven inches long while the male is a maximum of 4 inches in height. Their most striking feature is their round shape body with equal height and width.

If you are interested in them then you need to know something about them. They are cannibals by nature. Hence, only keep one frog at a tank. Additionally, having a Pacman frog as your pet means you must have enough time to take care of those because they can live for nearly 15 years in favorable conditions.

Designing the House for Your Pacman Frog


So, you have finally decided to have a Pacman frog as your pet! Then you need to provide them with a proper house at first. They come from rain forest areas. Hence, they love to live in a warm and humid environment.

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In general, the Pacman frogs spend a lot of time on moist leafy surfaces or the muddy surface. They will generally prefer the same surface even if you keep them in a café.

But, you do not need a large container or tank to keep your pet. A simple 10-gallon terrarium or aquarium with enough space for air circulation is enough to keep a fully grown Pacman frog. If you have purchased a small baby frog then you need to keep it inside a small plastic container and transfer it to a proper cage as soon as it becomes adult.

Pacman Frogs are a solitary creature and love to leave alone. But, you need to provide them with space that is identical to their real habitat.

Sphagnum moss, coir deep, or peat moss is ideal for creating a moist base inside the floor of the tank. Give enough space for them to burrow. The substrate or base needs to be at least two inches deep so that the frogs can burrow with comfort. Additionally, keep them moist to mimic the rain forest environment. Regular spraying water on the base is enough to keep them moist.

Pacman frogs tend to favor one or two hiding spots for sleeping and hunting. Hence, make sure to provide them with a well-crafted hide spot. You can use cardboard boxes with logs and bamboo tubes to create a place for hiding for your pert. Additionally, try to include real-life plants. These plants will keep the terrarium moist and humid- ideal for your frog.

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The Temperature of the Terrarium


Being cold-blooded creatures, Pacman frogs are unable to change their body temperature with seasons. They prefer a temperature range of 65 to 85 Fahrenheit. Do not keep the terrarium in direct sunlight and make sure it gets 12 hours of darkness each day.

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It may sound astonishing but Pacman frogs do not drink water. They keep themselves hydrated by absorbing moisture through the pores in their skin. They usually prefer to keep their inner skin hydrated as a top priority. If the terrarium is not moist and humid enough then the upper skin of the frog can turn dry and scaly.

Hence, if you want to provide them with a healthy environment then make sure to submerge a shallow bowl or plate with water at the same level as the base. The frog will walk inside the pool and drown themselves to get water.


Pacman frogs are simply gluttons and have a huge appetite. They only eat live food and will not eat dead insects. Hence, you need to provide them with Dubai Roche’s, mealworms, wax worms, pinkie mice, etc. Make sure to feed the insects with vitamins and supplements so provide some extra nutrition to your frog. Small rats can be best as occasional treats for the adult frogs.

You need to maintain all these caring tips to provide a healthy and natural life to your Pacman frog. Additionally, make sure to clean the terrarium occasionally to keep everything hygienic.

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