What Tips To Consider To Minimize Damage To Blinds By Pets?

 What Tips To Consider To Minimize Damage To Blinds By Pets?

When you are having dogs and cats in your house; you have to focus on many of their habits and make sure that their behavior is not the cause of any damage; especially to the things around the house including outdoor roller blinds when they are outside.

Reasons For Pets To Damage The Blinds

Dog training experts have researched the various behaviors of dogs and have come to the following three conclusions of their attitude towards damaging the blinds and shutters in the house. Although many times there is no logical explanation for the behavior the most concrete of them all are mentioned below.

They Are Curious About New Thing

The most obvious of all reasons for damaging the window treatments unknowingly is that they are curious about whatever new thing is introduced to them or comes into the house. This is their way of checking the thing whether it is dangerous or not.

Habit Of Chewing On Whatever They See

Chewing thing is a natural habit of pets and especially dogs. Just like toddlers chew on things when their teeth are coming; in the same way, pups also relieve their pain by chewing on whatever they find; whether they are outdoor roller blinds or shutters.

Aggressive Behaviour When Left

Dogs are very friendly and when they are left alone for a long time; they get aggressive. Their only way of showing their aggression is to destroy the items that are readily available to them.

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Tips For Minimizing Damage

When you buy window treatments for your home from any renowned company like Outdoor Blinds Southwest; the team there will tell you about certain tips that can help you minimize the damage done by the pets.

Don’t Have Long Window Treatments

When you have a pet at home then the window treatments have to be short that is not in the reach of the pets. The best thing to do is keep the blinds open till half-length when the pets are in the house.

Have The Blinds And Shutters Always Open

Another thing that you can do is keep the window shutters and blinds open always till the top. This eliminates any possibility of your pet reaching the blinds. The cats especially climb up on the window treatments and cause severe damage.

Install Cordless Options

The cats are very playful and mischievous; they play with whatever thing is in front of them. Their favorite object of play is string or rope and the cord of the window treatments is very easy to access. Installing the cordless option is a good choice.

Outdoor Roller Blinds And Shutters Are The Best

Pet-proof window blinds are available around the market to keep the blinds protected from damage by the cat or dog you have.

Provide A Toy For Chewing

If your dog is still a pup and has the habit of chewing; then you have to provide him/ her with a chewing toy so that the window treatments are saved from damage.

Obstruct The Outside View

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Excitement is an element that causes the dog to misbehave which comes from looking outside. Having outdoor roller blinds installed is best because it obstructs the view of the dog.

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