Bringing Home new Pup – Farmpally Checklists & Care guide

 Bringing Home new Pup – Farmpally Checklists & Care guide

A puppy is open to everything new, he wants to live and experience, he wants to learn and grow.

A puppy is a happiness personified. No wonder you made the decision to share your home with a puppy.

Love him, take care of him, do everything for your puppy to make him comfortable and enjoy your time with the puppy!

in this guide, I will try as much as possible to cover the purchase process, the necessary equipment, feeding, care, and training of a puppy.

Before going on, I’d advise you go for hypoallergenic dog breeds either you’re allergic or not

I’ve compiled this guide to the best of my knowledge and belief and hope that you will find the answers to all important questions in it.

Search for the “right” puppy

Sometimes, this search is easy, but it can also take months.

Some people are in love with a certain breed and wait until the breeder they trust finally has a litter.

Some go to an animal shelter and immediately lose their hearts to a dog.

In any case, buying a puppy is a step that should be carefully planned and considered beforehand, because a dog means an obligation for the next 12 to 18 years.

Therefore, at Farmpally, we strongly advise against making an impulse purchase.

Of course, the so-called rooting table puppies are also taboo. In our guide, we explain how to choose your puppy and correctly conclude the purchase contract.

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Factor in the cost of puppies

You can get a puppy for free, neither a pedigree dog nor a mixed breed.

But the ongoing expenses for maintaining a puppy and later a dog are far higher than the acquisition costs.

In addition to the initial puppy equipment such as a dog bed, puppy leash or harness, there is also insurance, dog tax, dog food, and expenses for care and veterinary treatment.

The total depends on several factors, but in any case it is several hundred dollars per year.

Make your home suitable for puppies

Before the new family member moves in, there are a few things to do at home.

On the one hand, there must be no objects within reach of a puppy that could pose a risk to the baby dog – Farmpally advises pet owners.

All cables are to be laid out of the reach of the puppy, the garden pond is to be fenced in, the fence around the property is to be renewed and all “loopholes” are to be closed.

Also, the puppy should have at least one cozy place to sleep, two bowls, one with water and one for food, and toys.

In addition, a puppy needs a harness and a leash from the beginning, preferably in more than one.

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Family members meeting with the Pup

Young children and puppies like each other, but this relationship can get crackling at times.

A puppy loves his new family, but some family members take time to get used to the new one.

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We will show you how it can work between the dog and the human child.

If a dog already lives in the house, the two – the child and the new pet must first be made familiar with each other.

The dog-cat relationship is even more sensitive, as a lot of tact is required here.

l can help you find the right way so that the whole family learns to love and understand the puppy, trust me.

Think about this!

No matter how nice the first time with the puppy maybe, some formalities must now be considered.

The puppy has to be included in your liability insurance or a separate dog liability insurance has to be taken out for the dog.

More so, the puppy has to be registered with the municipality, because there is a dog tax.

Thirdly, it is important to consider whether it might not be necessary to take out health insurance for the animal.

Understanding the Pup in a New Home

A puppy is a baby, he’s helpless, vulnerable, inexperienced.

Under no circumstances should the little one be left alone in the apartment, let alone in the garden, for the first few days.

Even in the first few months of life, it is important to spend as much time as possible with the dog and keep it occupied with walks and games.

Therefore, adapt your daily routine to the needs of the puppy, he will thank you for it all his life – while the little puppy will grow into his physically and mentally healthy dog.

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Living with a teething puppy

The change of teeth in a puppy becomes exhausting for the animal and the owner, because not only shoes but also furniture are highly endangered.

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