Why you should switch to Pet-friendly pest control this summer?

 Why you should switch to Pet-friendly pest control this summer?

To get rid of the dreadful harms of the bugs to your farms, Science introduced the pesticides which immediately killed them and increased our farm yield. Although that proved somehow beneficial for humans, it posed more negative impacts. For instance, the widely used insecticide DDT worked great at killing bugs but also killed the birds. Similarly, the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on food crops played a substantial role in deteriorating the life of honeybees. Not only these but also humans have suffered deleterious respiratory problems, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and many more.

However, you are compelled. Neither you can tolerate the invasion of bugs on your crops nor you can go for the potentially toxic chemicals that bring harm to your home. But no need to worry anymore! You can find a variety of natural treatments in the market that are lethal and deadly for the bugs but at the same time eco-friendly treatment to the ants and non-harmful to humans. These are strongly suggested for use in summer which is considered an ideal season for pests to attack your crops.

First Step – Exclusion

Now you are clear that you no longer want to kill the ants by using pesticides. Right? So, what’s the first step that you can take to help you remove all the ants naturally? Well, look around your affected area. For example, if it’s your home; inspect both the inside and the outside gaps of your home such as dryer vents, air-conditioning units, water and gas pipes, or doors and windows where they could get in through. Next, you can fill these gaps up with weatherproof silicone caulk which will not only restrict the entry of these bugs but also help in reducing your energy usage.

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Similarly, if you find the ants in your yard, you may perplex because on one hand, they are necessary to keep the population of other bugs in check, but on the other hand, they can entirely invade your property by increasing their population. For that, you need to eradicate their source of food such as aphids which feed them their honeydew and cause damage to your plants. Now how can you adopt environment-friendly treatment for removing these ants? Well, you can either use the insecticidal soap or even a spray of regular dish soap and water on your plants that will dislodge the aphids. The other elegant source is releasing ladybugs which will make them their prey and help keep your plants healthy.

Mostly, ants love the areas of high humidity such as drainage and water leaks in your yard. For that, fix the dripping faucets, swampy areas in your garden, or remove the woodpiles far away from your house. Moreover, the tree stumps or other rotting wood are also the favorite places of these creatures to establish their colony. Pay attention to these places as well!

Second Step – Natural Ant Treatment Products

Have these suggestions not worked for you? No worries, you can go to the second step – natural ant treatment products that are environment-friendly and non-harming to your health.

Wondercide Cedar Oil

You will find cedar trees grow so big and live so long as they are repellant towards insects. This repellant property is due to its oil which is a natural repellant and killer to these insects and ants. Wondercide contains cedar oil which has multiple properties – natural repellant, killing power, and afterward protection from ants.

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The product comes with a handy hose attachment so that you can simply screw it onto the end of your garden hose and begin applying it wherever you see insects. It is safe to use in your home, outside the home, or even directly to nests. It has a good smell, easy and safe to use in your surroundings as it breaks down in the environment easily, and completely natural.

Harris Diatomaceous Earth

This product is safe and natural and has long been used as an ant’s killer. This naturally occurring substance works effectively by scratching up the exoskeleton of the insects, eventually dehydrating and causing them to die. This fine powder is a product that is environment-friendly treatment for ants and is made from the natural glass shells of fossilized aquatic creatures.

Because it’s entirely organic, you can use it on your food crops without worrying about its ill effects on your health. You can also target the specific area by spraying the powder such as the visible nests that will cause the bugs to find nowhere to hide. This fine product lasts for a long time in cracks and crevices and is effective even after getting wet.

Terro Bait Stations

This amazing product contains borax, a naturally occurring mineral effectively works on poisoning the colonies of the ants. Their popular ant bait stations are more natural and environment-friendly treatment to ants. The critters take the bait, bring it to their nest and feed to the rest of the colonies, eventually causing them to die.

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This simple product is the easiest to use. You no longer need to take it and spray it on the desired places. Instead, only twist off the plastic tab which attracts the critters and keeps them closed. The rest of the work is done by critters themselves – they visit and bring the stuff back to their colonies. These plastic containers are neither harmful to the kids nor to the other insects which you don’t want to kill.

However, this product proves to be quite expensive if you have a big ant problem and need to purchase multiple stations. Similarly, these plastic stations need to be discarded and disposed of once your purpose of killing the ants is fulfilled because plastic is not beneficial for the environment.

Among the variety of essential oils, this product has proved quite effective for killing the ants. The product is easy to use, safe to the environment for it can be mixed with water, and easily sprayed inside and outside your home. You can also use it in a diffuser to spread its smell around which is pleasant in odor. However, the product is expensive and may cause skin irritations sometimes.


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