How dehydration affects the mood of your dog?

 How dehydration affects the mood of your dog?

It happens that due to the workload or a bad habit of ignoring the water balance, we sometimes forget to drink enough water. Remember how you feel in this case? Annoyed, tired, and with no enthusiasm. Dogs are also very sensitive to the water balance in their body. Dehydration may cause many medical conditions that are dangerous for your dog’s health. But, more often, it has a negative impact on the mood of your pet. Many dogs are not fans of drinking water. That’s why sometimes dog keepers need to get a bit more creative. 

How much is enough to drink for a dog?

During the summer hot days, be very attentive to the daily water intake of your dog. Vets suggest using a simple formula to define the amount of the water your dog needs to quench the thirst and feel happy and joyful. You should multiply each pound of your dog’s weight to an ounce of water. That will be a golden rule each dog keeper should remember. Some types of food, especially commercial dry food, can make your dog thirstier. That’s why the food preferences of your pet should be taken into account. 

Obese dogs tend to be more sensitive to dehydration and, as a result, less joyful in the summer months. You can find your cutie sleeping in the shade almost all the time, and it will take you ages to make him go out and play. No need to say how important it is to keep the dog healthy and fit. Because in recent years, overweight has become the number one problem not only for humans but also for pets and even wild animals. So, if you feel that your dog has shown the initial signs of obesity, reorganize his diet. Add more veggies to the food, as they are rich in fiber and provide additional access to humidity that is crucial to minimize all the possibilities of dehydration.

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Avoiding dehydration during outdoor activities

If you live in a city, it’s more complicated to find the right place to take your dog on a walk-in summer. The pavement may get too hot during the day, so before moving out for a walk, check the temperature of the road surface. Dogs may find it difficult and uncomfortable to walk on the hot bitumen surfaces, as they aren’t usually heat-resistant. Many dog keepers notice that their dog gets annoyed after long walks though they are strong enough physically, and the distance is not that extreme. 

The main reason for such a change in a dog’s mood is that they get too warm through their legs and the skin of the paws, and get tired very soon. On the other hand, hot services make your dog’s body lose more humidity, so he can experience dehydration. So, better choose to walk in a park, on the grass. It will be more pleasant for your doggie. Besides, in the park, your dog can find a lot of other attractions to keep his spirits bright, and you can always take a break in your games and just sit together under the shade of trees.

Be aware that dehydration in a dog’s body often starts without symptoms, so you might miss the right moment to take the necessary precautions. When you’re on a walk, take more bottles of water. Because you can use some water to let your dog drink, as he gets thirsty, and the rest of it you can use to slightly shower your pet to avoid overheating. When you notice, your dog’s got a bit tired, give him a couple of minutes to rest, and slightly pour some water to make him release the additional body heat through the skin. It will prevent the process of dehydration and will be a fun game for your dog.

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Avoiding dehydration at home

Dehydration occurs more often in summer, but it’s a mistake to think that in winter your dog is completely safe from this problem. Many houses are not equipped enough to keep a dog. When you don’t use a conditioner or a fan in hot seasons, your dog will be constantly looking for a dark, cool place to hide from the heat. Everybody remembers the bazillions of memes of the dogs lying on the tiled floor. The floor covering really matters. 

For example, floor heating will make your dog feel uncomfortable lying on the floor and, as a result, drink the water which is too warm because of standing for a long time on a warm surface. So, you should think about some necessary dog accessories, such as cooling mats and the bowl with a long stand. Pulled carpet has the same problem in summer, as the material, which is usually wool or synthetics, gats warm during the nights and affects the temperature of a dog’s drinking water and his mood in general.

Dogs are also sensitive to the state, shape, and design of the water bowl. That’s why how often you must change the bowl depends on the temper of your dog. Some dogs, that are more loyal to their habits, may drink from the same bowl for ages. The only thing you need to do is to change water frequently, keep the bowl clean and if your house is big, get a couple of dog water bowls to put in different proper places. 

If your dog is short-leg, except for the dog steps for the bed, which are often necessary, choose the water bowl with short sides. It will be comfortable for your pug. Don’t set the style of a dog water bowl only with your home decoration, get something your dog will like. Dogs also love presents. So to make your dog happy and prevent dehydration, get your cutie a dog water fountain. 

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Of course, if you are keen enough to use the ideas from the Internet, you may construct a DIY dog water fountain. But those dog keepers who prefer ready-made solutions, dog self-serve water fountains are the right options. For the houses with big yards, outdoor dog water fountains are very suitable. These devices will help you get rid of unnecessary stress if you spend all your time at work and can’t change the dog’s water offer. Besides, your dog can play with the stream of fresh and cool water with plenty of joy and avoid dehydration in any season.


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