How Birds Help Maintain the Environmental Balance?

 How Birds Help Maintain the Environmental Balance?

Birds have quite a long history of evolution, they appeared on the planet long before the humans did. Today there is no such region on our planet where birds don’t exist. Birds are considered beautiful and adored around the world. Like other animals’ birds also have different categories, some are the birds of prey and some birds feed on grains and greenery.

Birds have not been like they are today, evolution played an important role in the transformation of birds, like humans and animals. Birds have been traced back to almost 100 million years ago, long before the dinosaurs were wiped out, and the recent fossils of birds found were 60 million years.

Birds may seem cute, cuddly and beautiful to us, and we like to keep them as pets, but they are an important part of the ecosystem, birds help maintain the environment. Did you ever wonder? What would the world look like without birds? This article will tell you the undeniable importance of birds for our planet and how they help in improving the environment.

Birds help the environment in the following way:

Birds Help in Plant Reproduction:

Birds help plants to reproduce, they act as dispensers and pollinators, birds sit on many plants, trees, and flowers. They carry the seeds or pollen from plants and trees to other places where they drop them, and new plants emerge hence continuing the plant life.

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This process not only benefits the plants but also to humans and other animals. Many animals eat plants and birds keep the food cycle going.

Birds Help Controls Pest Populations:

Birds Help Controls Pest Populations

Many birds eat insects and pests, in an ecosystem, if the number of pests, insects, and bugs exceeds the normal amount, they can cause serious damages to humans and other animals. Many bugs can even destroy crops if they keep reproducing at faster rates.

This not only helps in saving crops and plants but if these tiny critters increase in larger amounts they can lead to a dirty environment. Birds eat bugs and ensure the balance in insect populations.

Birds Are A Source of Food for Humans:

The food relation between birds and humans is very old, birds have been a source of food for humans for thousands of years. Humans get meat and eggs from the birds, similarly, birds have also developed a dependency on humans for their food. Chickens, Turkeys, Ostriches, and many other birds are a source of food for humans.

Birds Provide Business:

Birds are kept as indoor pets around the world, bird reproduction and trading is a business and millions of people around the world are earning their life by reproducing and selling birds for keeping and food purposes. Birds like parrots are very popular to keep as house pets. Parrot trading generates millions of dollars’ worth of revenue.

Birds Are Nature’s Cleaning Crew:

Many birds feed on the left offs of humans and other animals. Birds like vultures eat up the remains of wild animals hence keeping the wild environment clean. Many animals die daily, and if birds like vultures and kite birds do not exist, many diseases can spread like fire and affect humans and animals in many harmful ways.

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Birds are a crucial part of our ecosystem, we may not notice the positive effects they have on us and our planet, but their importance cannot be denied.

What Will Happen If the Birds Suddenly Disappear from Our Planet?

If the birds suddenly disappear or vanish from the earth today, our planet will lose its natural balance. Imagine waking up in the morning with complete silence, we will immediately start missing birds. It is a known fact that around 10% of the world’s crops are eaten or destroyed by pests. If birds disappear this percentage can rise up to 80% to 90%, the human death rate will rise like never before.

Birds are a major source of food for humans when it suddenly vanishes, we will lose another major source of food and the results will be devastated.

Birds are a wonder on our beautiful planet, they provide us with food, business, and entertainment. Next time you hear a bird singing, pay close attention, and ask yourself will your life be the same without these beautiful creatures.


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