How Desert Aimals Fulfill Their Water Needs?

 How Desert Aimals Fulfill Their Water Needs?

Water is the most important component of living. It is very difficult to survive without water. Different species have different levels of water requirements. Some want more water for their survival, some can survive for days just by having a small quantity of water. It depends on the nature and characteristics they have.

In hot summer days, the water requirement increases a lot more than winters. If we talk about the deserts than that also becomes very hot in the summers and the water level is also very low there. Some of the deserts have a very low rate of rainfall which becomes the reason for lack of resources available in those deserts. Animals living in the deserts find it very difficult to fulfill their need for survival. They try to find different ways to help themselves.

Every animal living in the desert chooses his way to fulfill his requirements. Some animals like smaller animals dig themselves underground and come at night to feed themselves. They take the water underground. Some of them fulfill their need for moisture from the meat of other animals. Plants and seeds also help these animals in surviving.

These animals are so small and remain underground when there is a lot of heat outside. Heat absorbs the moisture from the body so, by staying underground they keep themselves safe from dehydration and at night they come out when the cool breeze blows.

Most of the desert animals have adapted themselves to live without water or obtain a very small quantity of water which does not affect their survival. That need can easily be fulfilled with Oasis, small desert plants, or fleshy meat. 

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Some animals have the ability to store water and can go for months without drinking water like Camels, they have big humps at their back which can store water in that. Camels can survive for a very long period. When they find water anywhere they store it into their humps and utilizes that until they find more.

Elephants cannot survive for a long period without water. They need water within 4-5 days and they know all the places where they could find water in the deserts but if the water is not available near and they need that then they utilize their long trunk to dig into the surface and fulfill their water need. This helped them a lot to survive.

Most of the other animals eat other desert animals and fulfill their water requirement from their meat and fesses. Some animals are habitual of eating plants and seeds which are also a great source of providing moisture. These plans remained moisturized from the depth of the surface and eating the leaves of these plants provides natural moisture to these animals.

So, desert animals are habitual of living in scares resources and have found ways to fulfill their needs. They have developed the characteristics which help them to live in the scares resources and manage as per the environment they are living in.

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