Most Common Cat Fur Problems and How To Overcome Them

 Most Common Cat Fur Problems and How To Overcome Them

The same way our skin is important to us, a cat’s fur is important to it. You can see the cats grooming themselves often; also, cat owners love seeing their cat’s hair in its full shining glory. Unfortunately, cat fur problems are not uncommon and almost every cat suffers from fur issues at some point in life. Cats spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning their fur. So if you notice problems with your cat’s fur quality, then chances are your cat needs some help.

While it is true that a cat’s activity level and the time it spends outdoor can affect its fur quality, you should be able to tell when your cat has a fur problem. Before you can start treating your cat’s fur problems, it is essential to know what is causing it in the first place. In this article, we will tell you about the common causes of cat fur problems and we will also let you know ways to overcome them, so keep reading.

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The Hair Loss Problem Can Be Solved By Giving Pet Vitamins And Supplements

Not to be confused with regular shedding hair loss in cats is one of the most common fur conditions. It can appear as bald spots or reduction in fullness of your cat’s coat. Keep in mind that a stressed cat can over-groom itself, which can lead to hair loss. Not to mention ringworms can also cause hair loss in cats. However, if you haven’t noticed your cat over-grooming itself and your cat is up to date on ringworm medication, then the likely cause of hair loss can be poor diet.

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Solution: Cats require different vitamins and proteins along with fatty acids to regrow lost hair and maintain a healthy coat. Giving your cat pet vitamins and supplements along with fish oil for cats can help with hair loss. Make sure the supplements you buy are from a reputed pet supplement company such as International Veterinary Sciences to ensure you get the best cat supplement for your cat. Although hair loss in cats can be corrected with proper nutrition and a change of environment, if your cat has rapid hair loss along with other worrying symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with a vet.

Excess Cat Dandruff Can Be Solved With Special Shampoos And Fish Oil

Dandruff, while unsightly to look at, is made up of dead skin cells that your cat is shedding. Dandruff is not a coat condition since dandruff gets stuff on your cat’s fur; it is commonly mistaken as a cat coat problem. In the majority of cases, your cat might have dry skin that is causing excess dandruff. However, other factors such as parasites and allergies can also cause dandruff, but these are not common causes of dandruff.

Solution: Adding omega-3 fatty acids in the form of supplements to your cat’s diet can help replenish the natural moisture of your cat’s skin and reduces excess dandruff. Similarly, if you use specially designed anti-dandruff shampoo when bathing your cat, you should start seeing a reduction in dandruff.

The Rough Coat Can Be Solved With Proper Hygiene And Proper Diet

Matted or rough hair is a common problem in cats with long hair. That doesn’t mean that cat breeds with shorter hair don’t suffer from the rough coat. A rough coat will feel brittle to the touch and the hair can seem tangled up. Causes for a rough coat can range from poor hygiene to an imbalanced diet.

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Solution: Giving your cat a properly balanced diet can help make its coat soft and shiny and eliminate the roughness. Please make sure pet food regulatory authorities have approved the supplements you are giving your cat. Also, make sure that the supplement is correct for your cat’s age. Similarly, regularly brushing your cat’s hair and removing any dead hair can get rid of the rough appearance of your cat’s fur. Regular brushing is especially important for older cats since they can’t maintain proper hygiene on their own.

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