Wild Animals And Coronavirus Pandemic

 Wild Animals And Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus lockdown globally has given the opportunity to the natural world to experience a life without any humans around.

Wild Animals Are Enjoying Freedom Of A Quieter During Coronavirus Pandemic

In urban areas, animals are exploring empty streets and waterways, and enchanting human inhabitants along the way.

It gives confidence to animals to go deeper into cities and stay for long without human restrictions due to coronavirus pandemic.

Some authorities are facing a boom phase in wildlife because of the absence of tourists.

Turkey is one of the world’s busiest marine routes where huge tankers, cargo ships, and passenger boats criss-cross that cut the city in 24 hours a day.

But now fishers are staying at home because of the city’s lockdown; dolphins are swimming and jumping with freedom in the waters.

Boars were seen smelling and rummaging for food around the city of Haifa before the pandemic, but the absence of humans has inspired them further, as said by residents.

Coronavirus Is Affecting Animals Around the Globe

Here are the factors that are affecting animals around the world.

  • Ban On The Trade Of Wildlife

In the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China has introduced a ban on the consumption of live wildlife and all farming, which is going to be a law later this year.

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Jinfeng Zhou, secretary-general of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation and Elizabeth MarumaMrema, acting executive secretary of UN Convention on Biological Diversity, have raised their voices to call for authorities to make the ban on wildlife market.

  • Animals Are getting Sick Due To Absence Of Human Attention

There are so many animals who rely on humans for their food. The human serves them food daily so that they can survive to live. But due to this lockdown, people are unable to go outside and feed them due to which animals are getting sick and die for not having a proper meal.

  • Humans Are Self Isolated While Wildlife Is Roaming Free

Animals that used to stay away from urban areas now have space to roam while humans are self-isolating in their homes.

A deer was caught on camera walking through the streets of Haridwar during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mountain goats are roaming on the streets of Llandudno Wales. Rival gangs of monkey reported scuffled over food in Lopburi located in Thailand.

Coronavirus Causing Destruction Of Life Of Animals

Because of this pandemic, we are losing the last ten years of good conservation work and an increase in deaths of animals quickly. When humans arrived on Island, they brought menaces like rats, which can havoc on native species that are not adapted to deal with mammals. Some species are now reliant on ongoing efforts to alter invasive species. Vegetation slowly salvages the cities, while deer and foxes are roaming the streets. In the absence of humans, the plucking coyotes and wild boar are thriving.

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Final Words

As relying on seasonal timing, Wildlife conservation efforts are often urgent. But if the pandemic continues to last 18 months or more, than it might be much destructive in wildlife as experts are now warning. I hope this pandemic ends up soon.

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